Call for Papers

2019 10th International Conference on E-business, Management and Economics—ICEME 2019 is the premier forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of theoretical, experimental, and applied E-business, Management and Economics. The conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

E-Business management in organization


E-Business strategy and value creation

E-Business impacts across organizations

Economic models for e-business value management

IT-enabled entrepreneurship in e-business

Co-evolution of business and IT strategy in dynamic environment

Governance/organizational design for e-business

Digital business strategy and performance implications

Leadership, and power in IS project management

Competitive dynamics in e-business environment

Web-based marketing and mobile marketing

E-commerce/m-commerce application in service industry

Enterprise Web 2.0 application

Enablers and inhibitors of e-commerce in SMEs

Collaboration and innovation in e-Government


Risk management and IS project complexity

IT/IS technology for e-business


Workflow management for e-business

Services computing in e-business

Cloud computing

Components, services and solutions for e-business

Collaboration information systems and technology

ERP applications and business process innovation

Adoption and diffusion of green IT/IS

Web-based Information Systems and Applications

Big data for enabling e-business

Distribution logistics systems for e-business operations

Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence


Knowledge management processes and structures in big data environment

Design, development and use of knowledge management systems

Knowledge management in virtual teams and distributed contexts

Capturing and sharing knowledge in social networks

Big data for business intelligence

Real-time decision making based on business intelligence

Leveraging business intelligence systems for knowledge creation

Business intelligence systems and collaborative business

Human Behavior and social impacts on e-business 


Human and social factors in e-business and IS adoption and deployment

IS impact peoples willingness or ability to switch to a new system

Cultural factors for adoption and use of IT/IS

Online purchase intention in social commerce

The impact of social networking web sites on human behavior in communications

Human-computer interface at individual, group and societal levels of analysis

Privacy, security, and trust of e-commerce and m-business

Human behavior change with the proliferation of online social networking

The social and behavioral impacts in virtual world

policies & regulations in e-commerce market

Web-based education and training

Information asymmetry in e-commerce market

Innovation Management and IT business value 


ICT-enabled process innovation and analytics

IT applications Innovation in finance

IT outsourcing-enabled business transformation and new inter-organizational forms

IT business value in information goods and digital marketplaces

Managing the value of IT investments

Innovation strategy in emerging technology environment

Human resource and technology innovation

Open innovation and IT business value

Innovation management of production systems

Value-generating and transformative roles of IS

Entrepreneurship in technology innovation strategy

Green IS for environmental, and economic sustainability

Emerging Operations & Services Management


Green supply chain management

Service requirements analysis

Customer relationship management in operations & service

Modeling and design, Integration of IT services architecture and management

Inter-organization cooperation and management

Service economics and risk management

Methodologies and techniques for automated service composition and delivery

Quality control and management in operations &service

Supply chain and life cycle

Digital value co-creation with customers

International marketing for brand satisfaction

Role of digital technology in service innovation

Service and value co-creation

Customer-centered service management