Call for Papers


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The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

E-commerce and e-retail
E-supply chain management and e-logistics
E-marketing, e-consumer behaviour, e-CRM
Social media and social commerce
E-governance, policy and law
Artificial Intelligence & Retail
B2B Ecommerce
Big Data Analysis
Blockchain Security
Cloud Service Innovations
Communication and Network Technology
Cross-Border Ecommerce
Data Privacy
Ecommerce Fundamentals
Ecommerce Platforms
Ecommerce Software
Ecommerce Strategy
Fraud & Risk Management
Information Security & Trusted Computing
Internet Economy
Management Information Systems
Mobile Commerce
Monitoring Services for Ecommerce
Multimedia & Image Processing
Omnichannel Organization
Online Payments
Smart Connected Products
Smart Logistics
Taxes & Ecommerce
Webshop Hosting
Internet of Things
Big data analytics and business intelligence
Blockchain and smart technologies
Web mining and recommendation systems
Knowledge management and sharing
Strategies and models of electronic business
Co-Creation in Electronic Business
Digital transformations in enterprises
Cultural and social issues related to electronic business
Virtual communities
Artificial Intelligence for Business Innovation

Knowledge Management
Advertising Management
Innovation management
Arts Management
Business Management
Change Management
Communications Management
Critical Management
Disaster Management
Environment Management
Events Management
Expense Management
Financial Management
Food Management
Tourism Management
Hotel & Lodging Management
Human Resource Management
Information Technology Management
Insurance Management
Investment Management
Leisure Management
Marketing Management
Operations Management
Project Management
Public Sector Management
Quality Management and Assurance
Risk Management
Strategic Management
Supply Chain Management
Tax Management

Impact of COVID-19 global economies and businesses
Accounting Analysis
Accounting Ethics
Capital Markets
Corporate Accounting
Cost Accounting
Government Bailouts
Government-Sponsored Enterprises
Hedge Funds
Home Equity
Income Tax
Interest-Free Banking
Investment Banking
Savings and Loan Bailout
Securities and Exchange
Stock Prices
Venture Capital
Applied Finance
Financial Engineering
Financial Intermediation
Financial Markets
Financial Regulations
Financial Risk Management
Financial Services
Global Financial Crisis
Hedge Funds
International Finance
Internet Finance
Managerial Finance
Personal Finance
Project Finance
Venture Capital Financing
Budget Deficits & Public Debt
Comparative Economics
Consumer Credit
Economic Development
Economic Growth
Economic Institutions
Economic Systems
Employment and Unemployment
Energy Economics
Fiscal Policy
Fundamental Economics
Global Economy
Human Capital
Income Distribution
International Economics
Money Management/Budgeting
National & Regional Economies
Political Economy

Other related issues